We will concentrate on inhabiting two situational extremes: the desert & the ocean – We will define, research, and extract geographies: social, political, ecological, and educational climates, mapping patterns & rhythms of identity.
‘Homelands,’ minus land, prompt questions of nationalism. From here, we will begin to extract regionalisms and localized notions of identity

Examining the United Arab Emirates, with the largest uninterrupted sand mass in the world, and the island Republic of Maldives, with the lowest elevations in the world, as our case studies, we will immerse ourselves in relationships to water at its limits and apogees. Questioning traditional notions of ‘ground’ and the ‘ground condition’ as we focus on the FIELD. Its fundamental (and universal) relationship between communities and their physical land, introducing a multiplicity of geographies rooted not only in place, but also in situation; the hyper specificity of place, is contrasted to the rapid onset of globalization; identities that have been made, perceived, created, and recreated.


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